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How to Become a Copywriter: Your Five-Step Guide For 2023

Keep in mind there is significant overlap in these positions and copywriter roles often include long-form content. When searching for copywriter jobs, pay close attention to the job responsibilities so you know what type of writer a company is seeking. For example, how many times have you purchased something because a special offer was ending? The copywriter behind that ad included the deadline because they knew your tendency to want to take advantage of a fleeting opportunity.

Saying «I want to be a copywriter» is a super vague statement. It reminds me of when people in college would say «I want to major in Business.» For example a UX Writer combines copywriting with user experience design and gets a higher salary.

Step . Learn Some Human Psychology

So let’s say ACME Concrete is making $10,000,000 in sales per year of concrete. Well if you arrange a deal for a 10% payment for any increase in business, then you can make some sweet cash. But often projects run time-heavy because of meetings, disagreements, changes and such.

how to become a copywriter

From there, you calculate the value you can generate with your services. You may be inexperienced or you may not have a large portfolio, but no matter your situation, you need to charge what you are worth. If you’re curious as to what this is and how it works, check out this post. It’s important to make sure you pitch your clients without underselling yourself or setting up the wrong expectations.

How to Get a Copywriting Job: Freelance vs. In House

However if you become well known and well respected and build a small following within an industry, you can have virtually unlimited work or upside. While there’s unlimited flexibility, it also means your stability is funky. There might be months when you get paid $5,000 to do a simple job.

  • That’s a major reason why accepting a full-time position with an agency or organization can be just as attractive to other writers.
  • But there’s a whole lot more to the job than sitting down at your computer and dashing off a few slogans.
  • When you’re trying to get someone to take an action, it helps to first understand the shared subconscious traits that make humans respond to certain prompts or situations.
  • It’s very similar to how publishing a single article on your website or writing a single post on LinkedIn isn’t going to do anything for you.
  • The same is true for establishing a copywriting career or achieving any other important goal in life.

Too often, freelancers slave away for low wages for no good reason. They think they’re not “good enough” to command respectable rates and end up working for clients who take advantage of them. If you don’t have a website, you’ll want to create one right away with tools like Carbonmade or Contently. Ideally, you want your website to go beyond just collecting your past work, explaining why you do what you do, what’s special about you, and more. But if you have the necessary skills, and follow the steps below, you should be able to develop a steady volume of work and limit the uncertainty.

Writing skills

After you pass the 3 month point, you can begin spending more time offering to do work for your network, building your network with the goal of new leads, and even cold pitching prospects. You might even come across some great clients who grow with you and end up working with you for years to come. Take everything you can get and then write for each project like it was your dream gig.

It’s paradoxical but you’ll actually be able to find more work AND charge more if you niche down your audience and specialization. Our competency-based model gives you an innovative learning experience you won’t find anywhere else—and our MBA grads tell us they loved accelerating their program to see a faster ROI. Two online marketing master’s degree options with a focus on… Hourly rates go from $19 upwards, depending on the industry, location (yours and the client), your experience, and turnaround time. If you’ve decided to go down the freelance route, you’ll have to figure out what you need to charge.

Working Conditions For A Freelance Copywriter:

Then set a time and bang out your LOIs in groups of 5-10 (depending on how much time you have). Once you’ve decided that you want to be a copywriter, the first step is to let everyone know. Chances are someone you know might have somebody who needs a copywriter.

On average, you can spend between $2000 and $50,000 to learn how to become a copywriter. You can also expect to pay around $100 for internet bills each month. Tip #11 – Your clients will almost always try to get more services out of you for their money. Tip #2 – Read the classic books on copywriting which Neville has already laid out for you.

The art of copywriting (and doing it well) is one you’ll learn with experience. If you’re just starting out as a writer, you might not be great at first. Give it time and be willing to learn from your mistakes and consult with other, more experienced writers. In this post, I’ll show you how to get started as a copywriter even if you don’t have any experience. From there, I will share my best tips for sharpening your copywriting skills. In order to become a copywriter, you’ll need to earn a bachelor’s degree in English, communications, or marketing and gain relevant experience to develop your skills and writing portfolio.

how to become a copywriter

According to, a full-time copywriter’s salary ranges from $37,504 to $89,003. However, some salaries range from $14,000 to $114,00 per year, so it’s clear that experience makes a huge difference to earnings. With an average salary of $51,691 for a full-time employed copywriter, this is a lucrative career that takes hard work and commitment to the craft.

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